Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's all about the dress

It has been a very productive few weeks. The wedding plans are starting to come together, one thing at a time, in a very relaxed and not bride-zilla-ish way. And last weekend, I found THE dress, which is a load off, especially after my not-so-great Kleinfeld's experience. It is simple and elegant, and I felt great in it, so I know it will be perfect. And, future brides and/or parents of brides take note, the best part (okay, maybe not the BEST), but a good part, was that I put through an application for a new Sak's account, so we got 10% off. Granted, that barely covers the alterations fee, but it was still a nice bonus.It was overall a great experience at Saks, that is, after an initial hiccup. When we(my mother and I) first walked in, we were introduced to Austin Scarlett from season 1 of Project Runway (which I didn't watch at the time, but it is now one of my favorite shows). He was there because Saks was having a trunk show of the Kenneth Pool line for Amsale, which he is now designing. The dresses were totally not my style though, you know, tons of beading and poof, and the people there kept trying to sell us on them. No, thank you. So, finally my mom said something along the lines of: No offense, but these are way over-the-top, just totally wrong, wrong dresses, wrong people... I think at that point my cheeks turned about ten shades of red. I know that my mom meant that we were the wrong people for the dresses, but I was worried that they might interpret it as them being the wrong people (because Austin is pretty over-the-top himself and flamboyant). Austin may have taken offense, but, oh well. He'll get over it, and based on the few other brides and moms we encountered, I'm sure he has had to deal with much worse. The good thing was that our consultant Tedree definitely got the picture, and after that, it was smooth sailing. The first dress that she brought into the dressing room ended up being the one. It is a Vera Wang, but surprisingly it was a lot less expensive than most of the others that we had seen, especially with the 10% off. I tried on a few others, and there was one other that I really loved as well, that had some beautiful detailing, but the first one just felt better on, and I think that is the most important part. I have to feel comfortable whether I am this weight or 20 lbs lighter, so I can dance the night away, hora my tuchus off, and be lifted in that damn chair (something I am obviously NOT too thrilled about, but will accept because of Jewish tradition). So that was that. A glass of champagne, a few measurements, and a bunch of signatures later... Signed, sealed, delivered (6mos from now), it's ours.
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