Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm baaack

Texas was great, that is, except for the plane rides. The worst of which being when I got on a plane, and the guy sitting next to me proceeded to ask me if I had heard about the plane crash that had occurred that morning. Note to travelers: It is not a good idea to talk about plane crashes to strangers on a plane, if you don't want to freak them out. Common Sense? I guess not. The second worst flight experience was the first leg going down. There were storms of outside of Houston, so after circling for a long time, the pilot informed us that we were out of fuel and had to be diverted to Beaumont. Surprisingly enough, I had always wanted to visit Beaumont, after being in an emotional play during high school when I played a USO girl during the Vietnam war who was from there, but when I was sitting on the runway there for an hour, not so much. The flight attendants started a second movie for us, which was enjoyable and made the time fly by, however, the plane landed before it was done, and I never got to see the end, so now I will have to add that silly fluff of a plane movie to my netflix queue to have some closure. I need closure.

My nephew is super cute though, and the bris party was fun. I even was chosen to be the Kvatterin, which means I carried the baby to have his you know what, you know what-ted. I kept boasting that I was going to be the official Kvetcher (which means "complainer" in Yiddish), because I kept forgetting the real name. In the initial photos I saw of my nephew, he looked a bit smooshy (which was no surprise after his three week stay in the canal), but when I went to meet him a week later, his head was perfectly round and he looked like a little cherub. It's amazing what the body can go through and just pop right back. I couldn't help but take about a billion photos while I was in Texas(no surprises there). I will only subject you to four. **This is where I pause for a collective "aaaaaaww".

Okay, maybe one more photo. Here I am with the little guy, who was looking a bit red after a good cry. He had just woken up from a nap on my voluptuous pillows, and wanted something that they just could not provide him with.

So now, me and my pillows are back home, and will not be traveling again for a long time. Other than that, I have been busy this past week entertaining(and being entertained by) the most fabulous houseguests ever, while drinking pitchers of margaritas, playing dress-up, and pretending that the summer is not coming to an end.
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