Monday, September 18, 2006

Am I going nuts?

When I looked in my mailbox today, what did I find with my netflix picks? A catalog addressed to me, a very specific catalog, one that I had never heard of before, called Pecans, plain and fancy. Why would I get such a catalog, devoted solely to pecans? I can't figure it out. I've never bought any sort of nuts through a catalog, internet, or anything, except maybe at a supermarket for a party. How then, did these nutty people happen upon my info? And why would they think that I would need an entire catalog for Pecans? No freakin' clue. And these nuts are not cheap. Maybe that's what they mean by "fancy." If I had $160.95 to spend on Pecan Cluster "Holly-Day" gifts or Old Fashioned Pecan Logs, I'd be thrilled, but I would have to be nuts to spend that kind of money on nuts, plain and simple.
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