Wednesday, August 23, 2006

one for the road

Colorado was beautiful. Flew in to Denver, and rented a convertable for the 4 something hour ride to Aspen. It was cheaper that way, and turned out to be a gorgeous ride.My favorite part of Aspen (besides the cobblestone streets, dogs everywhere, and primo people watching) would probably have to be the gondola ride up to the top of a mountain. It was so high up though, I kept losing my breath, and not just because it was breathtaking.Here I am at the top. Trying to smile, but looking a bit like I'm going to pass out. Then, on the way back to Denver, I stopped to take this dorky photo, but it was so windy that my hair kept blowing in my face and getting stuck in my lip gloss. Independence Pass is supposedly one of the highest paved roads in the US, and is so narrow and winding that it is closed most of the year, except a few months in the summer, so i'm glad I was able to enjoy it when I was there.

I'm in Jersey again, but getting ready to head out in a few hours to Newark airport to leave once again. I'm off the the Rio Grande Valley of Texas this time, mere miles from the Mexican border, to meet the new nephew. Yee-haw... From one of the highest locales (altitude 12,000+) to one of the lowest (altitude 122) in a week. Giddy-up.
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