Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

One of the strangest things about working at a magazine, is needing to work on issues months in advance. From 9-5:30-ish, five days a week, We have to sit at our desks and be virtually transported into the future.

Now, for instance, we are finishing up October and moving on to November. I no longer get to search through images and plan shoots involving hot people frolicking on beaches or enjoying fun summer picnics, I now have to hone in on people in coats and scarves. It's gotten me totally out of whack, especially with this past week's heat wave. I walk outside expecting it to be cool, and am totally caught off guard by the wall of drenching heat.

Last week, we actually had candy canes and chocolate Santas going around the office. Candy canes and chocolate Santas! It's the first week in August for goodness sake, I don't want to be thinking about snow. At least this is better than when we have to think about summer during the winter. Now that is really depressing. But alas, it is the life of a magazine photo fairy. I will continue living my duel life, and prepare myself to soon be decking the halls. Fa lala, lala, lala...
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