Wednesday, June 14, 2006

the egg-ccentricity of embassy suites

This morning at work, two of the top food gurus from Embassy Suites (including chef Roy Choi whose name is so fun to say RoyChoi RoyChoi RoyChoi) came in to give a demonstration on making the "perfect omelet." There were four omelet stations with 10 toppings, fresh fruit, pastries, juice and coffee. Plus, they gave us huge mugs and goodie bags with a frying pan, spatula, apron, recipes, and a luggage tag. Evidently, the hotel chain is re-eggniting their complimentary cooked-to-order beakfast to heighten the breakfast experience. Seriously? They can heighten my experience any day. In fact, I'm open to anyone else who wants to join on that bandwagon too. I prefer egg whites to whole eggs, with spinach and well-done onions please, fruit on the side, and dry wheat toast. Anyone want to heighten my lunch experience? Dinner? Now, if only they gave away free stays at their hotels, that would really make me feel egg-static.
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