Monday, June 26, 2006

My day as a mannequin

This past weekend, my mother and I began the search for the perfect wedding dress. We decided to make an appointment at what is probably the most famous wedding dress store in New York, Kleinfelds. As you can probably tell by these photos, we took it very seriously......or not. We only got these two photos in before a woman pointed to a sign on the wall that said no photographing or sketching allowed... Oops! Fortunately, they didn't kick us out into the rain, and Rosario, although not the most enthusiastic consultant, did end up finding us one very good possibility. It was a great way to shop, being able to say what I wanted, and then having someone there to find it and bring it right to me with several other options. But it was a bit strange to be standing on a pedestal in front of my mom, a stranger, and several full length mirrors, in just my Honeydews. Does not leave much to the imagination. At least I have some time though as the nuptials are not till next spring, so I'll try one or two more stores (and hopefully lose a few more pounds) before making the final decision.
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