Wednesday, March 08, 2006

HNT: Check out my juicy mangos...

**I'm posting HNT early this week, since I won't be able to post tonight...

Succulent, don't you think? My new addiction... Sweet, tangy, and makes me drool just thinking about it... No, I'm not talking about Dr. McDreamy (although he is pretty delicious), I'm talking about mango... as in, the fruit.

I've always been rather obsessed with food, especially snacks, constantly thinking about the next thing I am going to eat, and the thing after that; but mango was never really one of those foods on my radar. I never even gave it a thought, except on the rare occasion when I would encounter an unfamiliar bite of fruit salad or a candied cube of dried fruit in with trail mix.

Things all changed last week though, as I was waiting at the register of the craptastic deli/salad bar/sushi-rama/smoothie hut/florist downstairs from where I work. There it was, on display for all to admire, love in the guise of a stack of round clear plastic containers with sliced yellow fruit inside, and stickers that read a mere $1.99. $1.99 for a healthy(er) snack? I had to give it a go.

Once back at my desk, I revealed the plastic fruit-filled container from within the generic white plastic bag, carefully but deliberately, like unwrapping a present. I then loaded up the plastic fork and let the luscious fruit slide past my readied lips. That first memorable moment is emblazoned on my memory. I closed my eyes, momentarily escaping the green haze of fluorescent lights and computer screen's glow, and fully experience the flavor, as it slid down my throat. I was instantly transported to a beach, drinking cocktails with my love beneath a palm tree.

I have a problem now though... No other snack will do it for me any more. I have started craving it's sweet deliciousness all the time, to the point where I fantasize about eating it. Seriously. I may soon be in need of MA... Mango-eaters anonymous.

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