Monday, February 06, 2006

Warming the house

We're pooped! It was a very tiring weekend. My mom was here visiting (she's a snow bird now, living in Jersey for the summer, and Florida for the winter). So on Saturday, we took her, and the future in-laws, to a possible wedding location that we fell in love with.

Then, as soon as we got home, people started arriving for our housewarming party, which ended up being possibly one of the
longest housewarmings in history... Family and friends were here from 2PM to 2AM!

The first wave of guests, approx. 2-6PM, was comprised of mostly family, a few childhood friends, and one fabulous former magazine coworker who makes the best chili ever. She brought a few tupperware containers full, which I selfishly did not serve to the party guests, because I wanted to save it for myself!

The second wave, was my brother and the late-arrival friends, which included the poker crew, who thankfully did not hold the chair incident against me. We celebrated with hours of eating, drinking, debating, toasting, and lots and lots of laughing.

Overall, it was a blast... but I could definitely use another weekend to recover!
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