Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Eulogy for my dearly departed diet

I am joined today by my loving blogfriends, in the hopes that by sharing the grief that we feel, we can find strength and comfort in each other. On this, the day of death known as St. Valentine's Day, we mourn the loss of so many great diets.

What can I say about the recently departed? I, along with so many other individuals, have been deeply affected by their presence in our lives. We laughed. We cried... We obsessed.

To the others who they have left behind: the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, people of all shapes and sizes; I stand with you in this time of deep sorrow and remember... We remember the times they brought us through birthdays without cake. Thanksgivings without pumpkin pie. Passovers without macaroons. Yes, we remember.

So let us join virtual hands, and take a moment of silence, a prayer of hope that their spirits will rise again after this day has passed. And let us thank the higher powers Hallmarkian that this phenomenon occurs only once a year.

And together, let us say...
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