Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This used to be my playground a.k.a. female bonding

Today was our second monthly art/photo department pot-luck style cubicle lunch. Last month, our first lunch was supposed to be a one-time thing to celebrate Ocho de Mayo (our Art Director was out on Cinco De Mayo, so we decided to extend the holiday). Everyone brought in something related to the theme to contribute to the meal. Unfortunately, we could not partake in any mid-day margaritas, but there was still lots of other deliciousness (including homemade guac and quesadillas). I took the easy route and brought the chips, salsa, and salsa con queso. The lunch went over so well that we decided to make themed lunches a monthly thing. We are such dorks, I know, but at least we are creative dorks... The best kind!

For this, our second monthly, we decided to have our theme be based on a movie, so everyone wrote their choices on little folded pieces of paper, and one was picked out of a bowl. My movie idea was Splash, which was not chosen, but we did get a good one, one of my all-time favorites, A League of Their Own. My contributions to the meal were Rocbleu cheese, which is a stinky but delicious melding of Roquefort and Brie cheeses. Get it? Roquefort, as in the Rockford Peaches team from the movie? I also brought Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers to compliment the cheese, which happen to be the best crackers EVER. Anyway, a good time was had by all. We had sweet and sour hotdogs, baseball shaped mozzarella salad, baseball field dirt (made from Rice Krispies, Whole Wheat Cheerios, chocolate chips, and marshmallow), and of course, there was a heaping supply of Betty Spaghetti.

After the meal, we decided on July's theme (again based on movie suggestions in a bowl), and the next theme will be (drumroll please)... Chocolat... Starring the delicious combo of Johnny Depp, Juliette Binoche, France, and chocolate. So, does anyone have suggestions for easy to make/buy contributions to fit the theme? Emphasis on the easy, mind you... It still may be a while before I can jump from a frozen meal to a molé masterpiece.
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